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NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024

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NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024: Agents of change in various sectors

In Nicaragua, NGOs and Foundations play a crucial role in the development of the country. With the purpose of being engines of change, seeking solutions to the challenges facing the nation. Likewise, these organizations, also known as Non-Governmental Organizations, Benevolent Entities or Assistance Institutions, are essential to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of Nicaraguans.

NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024

These organizations work in different sectors. Some focus on education, seeking to ensure a bright future for young people. Others work in the health field, fighting diseases and promoting healthy living. Also, there are NGOs and Foundations that act in the environmental sector, protecting our ecosystems and promoting sustainability.

6 NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024 that are promoting development

From the foundation’s blog, we want to share with you a list of social organizations that we know are doing great work, efforts and developing many actions for community development.

1- Luceros del Amanecer Home Foundation 2024

Located in the City of Camoapa, department of Boaco, Nicaragua is Fundación Civil Hogar Luceros del Amanecer.

They are working to reduce poverty:

  • Improve education,
  • promote health,
  • Fight malnutrition,
  • Protect the environment,
  • Facilitate skills training
  • and the development of 13 comprehensive programs.


Therefore, together with public institutions and private companies, they achieve community development.

In addition, Fundación Hogar Luceros del Amanecer promotes a maternal and child program and focuses on three sectors.

First, help high-risk pregnant girls and adolescents between 12 and 16 years old.
Secondly, prevent pregnancy in adolescents, with intensive training in educational centers, urban and rural areas.
Thirdly, help pregnant women from Casa Materna and City Hospital with prevention activities, medical equipment workshops (Fetal Monitor).

To develop social programs, the foundation requires International and National Cooperation. Over time, we have received more than 800 Individual, company, family, Foreign and National Volunteers, in addition, we have more than 20 active donors from different countries.

If you want to learn more about the Foundation, we leave you the following links.

Ways to help Fundación Luceros

NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024

2- La Esperanza Foundation, Granada Nicaragua

Founded in 2002, it is a non-profit educational NGO in Nicaragua. Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and local communities to provide quality education to over 400 children in poverty-stricken areas. The focus is to give “a helping hand, not a handout,” providing access to different programs and breaking the cycle of poverty.

NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024
NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024

3- ADEINIC Foundation, Granada, Nicaragua

Foundation created by Kathy Adams in 1998, addresses the lack of education in low-income children, providing comprehensive support. Also, it seeks to transform lives through material, educational and emotional assistance. Additionally, it works directly with families to overcome economic barriers and guarantee access to education. This approach therefore helps break the cycle of poverty, allowing children to find better opportunities in life. Therefore, the vision is to create a lasting impact on marginalized communities.

NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024

4- Hotel With Heart Foundation

Motivate young people from primary school to university, and activate local economic development with a profitable business that creates employment. Since 2008, the hotel has supported 250 students annually and provided income to 20 Nicaraguans, generating a positive impact on the community of Las Lagunas, Granada, according to a 2016 study.

However, the project is currently not working on all programs, until further notice.

Intercambios Fundacion Luceros del Amanecer 2023

5- Huella de Paz Foundation, Managua, Nicaragua

Huellas de Paz, a community center in Acahualinca, Managua, promotes gender equality and development through art courses and community programs.

Specifically, it supports young mothers with artistic activities, food packages and medical services, strengthening community resilience.

The project seeks to challenge gender stereotypes, creating an inclusive environment. Recently, they celebrated World Book Day, promoting literacy and cultural participation among children and teenage mothers.

Huellas de Paz, centro comunitario en Acahualinca, Managua, promueve la igualdad de género y desarrollo mediante cursos de arte y programas comunitarios. Apoya a jóvenes madres con actividades artísticas, paquetes de alimentos y servicios médicos, fortaleciendo la resiliencia comunitaria. El proyecto busca desafiar estereotipos de género, creando un entorno inclusivo. Recientemente, celebraron el Día Mundial del Libro, fomentando la alfabetización y la participación cultural entre niños y madres adolescentes.

6- Gloria Quintanilla Cooperative, Crucero, Nicaragua

Its legality is that of a cooperative. However, the approach to work is surprising. First of all, it is a project, led 100% by women. Consequently, its focus is the empowerment of the community after so many economic difficulties throughout history.

Secondly, its maximum efforts to protect the environment. In addition, they promote education and personal improvement programs. Also, they have alliances with state institutions that allow them to reach more beneficiaries.

En resumen: ONGs y Fundaciones en Nicaragua 2024

NGOs and Foundations also offer life training, therefore helping people acquire skills that they can use to improve their lives. Likewise, some organizations also focus on community development, working to strengthen communities and make them more resilient.

It is important to highlight that the work of these organizations would not be possible without the support of national and international donors. For this reason, support is vital so these organizations can continue their work and make a difference to people’s lives.

In conclusion, NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua are agents of change in various sectors. They are working tirelessly to improve people’s lives, and their work is essential for the development of the country.

NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua 2024: Frequently asked questions:

What do NGOs and Foundations do in Nicaragua?

A crucial role is to address challenges and reduce poverty. Also, they promote community development and offer life training, strengthening skills and communities.

In which sectors do Nicaraguan foundations and organizations work?

NGOs and Foundations in Nicaragua work in key sectors such as education, health and the environment.

How do NGOs and Foundations support education in Nicaragua?

They support education through tutoring classes, scholarships, and extracurricular activities. In addition, they work directly with communities to ensure sustainable and quality access.

What type of life training do foundations and organizations in Nicaragua offer?

In the first instance, the common skills of young people are strengthened. In this way, they are placed in practical and theoretical training programs. For example, education in painting workshops, mechanics, saddlery, hair cutting. Additionally, computer education, pharmacy, office assistants and much more.

How are NGOs and Foundations financed in Nicaragua?

They are funded primarily through donations, grants, corporate sponsorships and international funds.

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